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starting about the time of Esdeath's reappearance,
ever since Esdeath reappeared,
there have been a series of murders involving political officials.
political officials have been turning up dead.
The victims are four political officials and sixty-one of their guards.
So far, the count stands at four officials and sixty-one guards.
The problem is that flyers, which claim to be from Night Raid,
The issue is that flyers purported to be from Night Raid
were found at the crime scenes.
have been left at every crime scene.
So they're trying to frame us...
So they're trying to frame us.
But isn't that too obvious?
Isn't this a bit too obvious, though?
For us to start declaring our acts would be bizarre.
Why would we suddenly start claiming responsibility?
At first, that was my reaction.
That's what I thought at first.
But now, the crimes are thought to be our doing.
But it seems people believe we are the culprits.
Those that were murdered all had top-notch guards.
The murdered officials all had powerful guards.
As rebels, our killing them would make sense.
No ordinary criminals could have touched them.
That means they're deliberately targeting powerful opponents.
That means the killers are deliberately going after powerful targets.
The only ones capable of that are...
And if they're capable of that...
Those as powerful as we are.
...then they must be just as powerful as us.
In other words, Imperial Arms users.
In other words, fellow Relic-wielders.
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