Diffchecker for the Terminal

Now you can create cloud-hosted diffs right from the command line. Easily compare 2 files, or compare a current file with the version of itself from the most recent commit.

Why use this instead of a native app? Because your diffs are instantly uploaded so you can share them with others.


First, make sure you have Node with npm installed from nodejs.org


npm install -g diffchecker


To compare two files:

diffchecker file1.js file2.js

To compare a file with its version from the most recent git commit:

diffchecker file1.js

Both methods will open the diff in your default browser.

By default, the diffs don't expire. You can change it to 1 day, 1 month or forever like this:

diffchecker --expires day file1.js file2.js

Should you want to sign out:

diffchecker --signout