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Compare all types of files

Screenshot of realtime diff feature
Compare text
Whether its code, legal documents, or sourdough recipes, compare your files instantly, line by line
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Compare images
Use a slider to compare your images in real-time, see them fade into one another, or download a merged file
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Compare PDFs
Our cutting-edge AI software will extract and compare content from your PDFs or merge two files to display graphic differences
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Compare spreadsheets
Merge two spreadsheets in one table to see the differences in each cell or display your files side by side
Screenshot of folder diff features page
Compare folders
List all the files within two folders to see which ones are missing or which document details are different

The most advanced diffing features

Screenshot of realtime diff feature
Real-time diffs
Edit your files as you go and watch Diffchecker compute the differences in real-time
Screenshot of diff merging feature
Diff merging
Select, move and merge sections of your documents to compare the differences
Screenshot of syntax highlighting feature
Syntax highlighting
Choose from dozens of programming languages, including Python, R, C++ and more
Screenshot of character diff feature
Character diff
Always reading between the lines? Check yours down to a single character
Screenshot of pdf export feature
PDF exports
Save computed differences as PDF files and download them on your computer
Screenshot of file import feature
File imports
Tired of copy-pasting your text? Import files to extract content easily and quickly

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