Discover the power of offline security

With Diffchecker Desktop, your sensitive data never leaves your computer. Safely compare text, images, and files offline on Windows, macOS, and Linux.

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Diffchecker app
Text diff on Diffchecker

Advanced features

Take advantage of all Diffchecker features such as unified diff view, character-level diffs and more.

  • Unified diffs
  • Character-level diffs
  • Folder diff
  • Export to PDF
  • Syntax highlighting
  • File import
  • No ads
Diffchecker screenshot featuring unified diff view
Unified diff view
Diffchecker screenshot featuring character-level diffs
Character-level diffs
Diffchecker screenshot featuring folder diffs
Folder diffs

Get differences in real-time

The best in security

Keep your files confidential and private – with Diffchecker Desktop they never leave your computer.

How it works?

Since Diffchecker Desktop runs fully on your computer, it doesn't communicate with our servers to create your diffs.

What this means is that there's no way anybody else but you can view your sensitive data.

Use cases for Diffchecker Desktop with better security: taxes, legal documents, files with passwords and confidential code

Offline diffing & better performance

Diffchecker Desktop runs offline which means you can use it wherever you are and save on your data plan.

As everything happens locally on your own computer, you also get significantly improved app speed.

Diffcheker working offline

Welcome to the dark side

Forget about dry eyes and screen insomnia. Diffchecker's Dark Mode has been specifically designed to help you stay productive in low-light environments, reduce eye strain and conserve battery power — all while serving you elegant looks and powerful functionality.

Ready to join the dark side? The Dark Mode can be easily enabled through your user preferences in the latest version of the Diffchecker Desktop app.

Diffchecker in Dark Mode

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