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Safely compare text, images, and files offline — on Windows, macOS, and Linux.

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Protect your confidential documents

Using Diffchecker Desktop is like keeping your files in a safety deposit box — our enterprise-grade security ensures your data never leaves your computer.

  • Offline
  • Private
  • Secure

How does it work?

Diffchecker Desktop operates exclusively on your computer, without any interaction with our web servers. This guarantees industry-leading functionality and faster speed, all packaged in a powerful interface designed for utmost security.

Whether you find yourself at JFK or Mount Everest, browse your files with confidence knowing that Diffchecker Desktop operates fully offline, keeping your client data safe on your machine.

Perfect for

  • Legal documents
  • Tax forms
  • Sensitive code
  • Encrypted files
  • Confidential data
  • Unsecured networks
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Compare text with total precision

Instantly compare any text files, whether it's code, legal documents, or your favorite sourdough recipes. Check differences by word or character and make real-time edits

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Compare photos, images and graphics

Slide to compare images pixel by pixel or seamlessly fade and overlay two pictures for a clear result

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Compare Word and PDF documents

Use our AI software to extract and compare content from two PDFs, or merge files to highlight graphic differences

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Compare spreadsheets

Scan through each cell like an X-ray or display files side by side for a detailed overview of your data

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Compare folders

Check folder contents and document details to organize your files or see what's missing

Do more with Diffchecker Desktop

Your all-in-one comparison powerhouse, with over 30+ features for a faster, easier workflow.

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Character-by-character comparison

When every detail matters, check your code, contracts or invoices down to each individual character

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Syntax highlighting

Pick from more than 20+ languages, including Javascript, Markdown, Python, R, and C++

High-speed performance

Compare a thousand lines of code or even the most complex PDFs in no time

Export in multiple formats

Download files in the Diffchecker format or export them as a PDF in one click

No ads

Eliminate distractions so you can focus on what really matters — your work

Welcome to the dark side

Forget about dry eyes and screen insomnia. Our dark mode helps you stay productive even in low-light environments, all while conserving battery power.

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Quickly compare and merge

Review and combine modified sections of your documents for a smooth and precise export.

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Edit differences in real time

Modify your diffs on the fly with our built-in text editor and compute the differences in real-time.

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