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The testing period is starting, so could you decrease my shifts a little?I've got tests coming up soon, so could you reduce my hours?
Yeah, sure.Yeah, sure.
Come to think of it, are you feeling all right?Come to think of it, have you recovered yet?
Oh...Huh? Oh...
Love and peace!Love and peace!
I was nervous you would quit after that.I've been worried you might quit ever since then.
Oh, that wasn't bad enough to...Don't worry, I wouldn't quit just because—
Knock it off, Kouno!Knock it off, Kouno!
You can't work like that!That getup will just get in the way!
Even though I'm making delicious soup?But won't this headband make me a better soup chef?
Table for one?Table for one?
Right this way.Right this way.
Here, Yuuta.Here, Yuuta.
I'm so nice that I'm giving you New Year's money just this once.Shiho's dropping some early New Year's money on top of you out of kindness!
Ready? I'm gonna drop it.Good, be sure to catch it!
It looks like you two are having fun.You two sure are having fun.
I'm tired so I'm going on break.I'm taking a break. Too pooped to work.
Um... I wonder how much it would take to make me quit.Hmm, what would it take to make me quit this place?
Then you do wanna quit?!So you do want to!?
Help me study!Help me study!
That can be your White Day return gift!Think of it as your White Day gift to me!
That's sudden and shameless!What a shameless demand!
But why do you need help?But why do you need help?
My grades at school have been so lousy that my mom said if I getMy grades are so bad that my mom wants me to quit work
bad grades on the upcoming tests, I have to quit working and go to cram school.and go to cram school unless I do better on my upcoming tests.
But I can't help you.I don't have time to help you.
Why not?! You'd be in trouble if I quit, right?Why not!? Don't you need me around?
Yes, but...Yes, but...
You'd be fine if the manager quit,You'd be fine if our boss quit,
but you couldn't hack it if I quit, right?!but you couldn't get by without me, right!?
Well... yeah, but...That's true, but still...
But I've got tests coming up, too...I've got to study for my own tests.
So what? Don't be stingy!So what? Don't be stingy!
Kisaki, if you would, please tutor Miyakoshi.Kisaki, could I ask you to tutor Miyakoshi, please?
Oh, is that a customer's...O-Oh, is that a customer's...
This baby?This baby?
She's my daughter.She's my daughter.
Kisaki, you have a child?!Kisaki, you have a kid!?
Yeah, well.I guess.
Her name is "Hime." Be nice to her.Her name is Hime. Be nice to her.
N-Nice to meet you...N-Nice to meet you too.
Why did you bring your baby here?Why did you bring your baby to work?
That's right, Kisaki. This is a workplace.Yeah, Kisaki. This is supposed to be a professional environment.
You're the one who told me.You're the one who told me to bring her.
My kid won't eat cucumbers unless I peel them.My kid won't eat cucumbers unless I peel them.
What a pain!That's kinda cute!
Kids are so fussy.Kids can be so picky!
Tell me about it!They've been here a long time.
They've been here a long time. Since lunchtime, so what, four hours now?It's been, what, four hours since they came for lunch?
Sometimes they bring their kids in here.Sometimes those customers bring their kids along.
A family restaurant is a fine place to have a long conversation,I don't mind that they stay so long,
but I hope their children are okay.but I hope their children are okay.
I'm sure someone's watching them.I'm sure someone's watching them.
Still, it makes me nervous that they're not together.Even so, kids being apart from their mothers makes me worry.
That's what you think?Is that so?
Yeah. I'd rather have them bring the kids...Yeah. I feel better when they bring the kids.
That's what you said, so I did.You said that, so I brought her.
My mom's at home, but she spoils this one rotten,My mom usually watches her, but she spoils her rotten,
so is it okay if I keep bringing her in?so can I just bring her with me?
Kisaki, you...Kisaki, you—
What is the value of a 45 degree tangent for this ABC triangle?What is the 45 degree tangent for an angle in triangle ABC?
Physics, isn't it?Isn't that physics?
It's mathematics.It's math.
That's math?!That's math!?
It's definitely not chemistry.It's definitely not chemistry.
She's right!She got it!
Come on, Miyakoshi. She got it right, so pet her head.Here, Miyakoshi. She got it right, so pet her head.
Just tutor me for crying out loud!Just help me study already!
I'm your elder!I outrank you here!
Sorry, but somebody who can't distinguish between math and chemistry is a little beyond me...I don't think I can help somebody who can't even tell math from chemistry.
T-That was just one time!Th-That was just a fluke!
What kind of dialect is that?!What Japanese dialect is that!?
It's English.It's English.
Um, Kouki Saiki?So you're Saiki Kouki,
University student, 20 years old.a 20-year old university student.
He says his parents are Japanese, but he was born and raisedHe says his parents are Japanese, but he doesn't understand the language
in another country, so he doesn't speak any Japanese at all.because he was born and raised in another country.
Apparently, a friend of his put in an application for him without asking.One of his friends submitted the application as a prank.
Kisaki, you can speak English too, huh?Kisaki, you can speak English too?
Yeah, well...I guess.
Then please say this to Mr. Saiki...Then please tell Saiki something for me.
This restaurant is full of oddballs, so he'll probably get a skewed view of Japan,This weirdo-filled restaurant may give you the wrong idea about Japan,
but these people are actually extremely rare.but these types of people are highly unrepresentative.
So what are you gonna do?What are you gonna do?
And so, this is the newbie, Saiki.Say hello to our newest member, Saiki.
He was nervous, but seemed like a serious person,He seemed like a serious, hardworking person,
so I thought maybe he'd work out...even if he was a bit on edge!
Who's gonna train him?Who's gonna train him?
Can't you speak English, Higashida?Don't you speak English, Higashida?
I know the grammar, but can't really hold a conversation...I know the basics, but I wouldn't say I'm fluent.
I don't speak it at all.I don't even know the basics.
Just talk normally to him.Just talk to him normally and it'll be fine!
That wouldn't work!That wouldn't work!
Even without English, you can make yourself understood with gestures and stuff.Even without English, you can get by with gestures.
And the mood!And attitude!
What do you mean by "gestures"?What do you mean by "gestures"?
Um... Waving your hands about?You know, talking with your hands?
You mean like punching him? Knocking sense into him?Or talking with your fists? Knocking sense into him?
Yeah, more or less.Yeah, that's about right.
That's not it at all!That's not even close!
All right, Kisaki, you can train Saiki.Fine then, training Saiki is up to you, Kisaki.
Fine. I'll train Saiki to be the perfect gofer.Got it. I'll train Saiki to be the perfect gofer.
Okay. I'll do my best to learn English conversation.Okay. I'll try to bring my English up to speed.
Since I'll be busy training Saiki, you'll have to take care of Miyakoshi.Anyways, I'll have my hands full with Saiki, so you have to help Miyakoshi.
You heard her!You heard her!
Okay.All right, fine.
Well, it is true that I'd be in a jam if you quit, Miyakoshi.Well, it is true that I'd have it rough if you quit, Miyakoshi.
I'll go to your house for our first session.I'll come by your house later.
No way! My house is off limits!No way! My house is off limits!
After all, I can't concentrate here.But I can't concentrate if we do it here.
And my place is too far away and I don't have study tools.My house is too far away, and we have no study supplies anyway.
You live near here, don't you, Higashida?But you live nearby, right, Higashida?
Forget it! It's dangerous!Still a no! It's not safe!
For a girl to come to my house alone...If a girl comes to my house alone...
What if something happened to you?!What if something happened to you!?
You would do something to me, Higashida?!You would do something to me, Higashida!?
What's wrong, Big Bro?What's wrong, brother?
Someone's coming over after work tomorrow,I have somebody coming over after work tomorrow.
but you don't have to make any kind of fuss about it.{\i1}Don't{\i0} make it into a big deal.
Oh my, Daisuke. You have a friend!Oh, Daisuke, I didn't know you had a friend!
Oh, Mom!Don't be silly, Mom!
I figured even Daisuke would have one friend.Even Daisuke would have at least one friend.
That's right, dear.That's right, dear.
You shouldn't be surprised that Daisuke has one friend.Even Daisuke can make at least one friend.
So who is it?So who is it?
A girl from work.A girl from work.
Well done, Daisuke!Well done, Daisuke!
That's fantastic!That's fantastic!
Not bad, Big Bro!Nice, brother!
All of the young ladies there are cute and polite.The girls that work there are all so cute and polite.
Yeah. Yeah, that's right.Yep. Indeed. They sure are.
So this is your house, Higashida!This is a nice house, Higashida!
Drop the wide-eyed customer service act here.Save that fake enthusiasm act for work.
It's creepy.It's creepy.
I-I'm not putting on an act. We're not at work.I-It won't happen. I only do that at work.
And don't call me creepy.And don't call me creepy.
Welcome!...to our home!
Wow! Big Bro, you really did bring someone over!Wow, brother! You actually brought someone!
Don't tell me you've been lying in wait all this time?Were you two waiting here all day?
Of course we have!Of course we were!
O-Oh my! Daisuke! Hana is so surprised!W-Wow! Daisuke! What a lovely welcome!
Come on in.Come right in.
Sorry it's so cramped.Sorry it's so cramped.
Not at all. Thank you for having me over!Not at all. Thank you for having me over!
What would you like to drink?What would you like to drink?
Do you like sweets?Do you like sweets?
Never mind that! This way, Miyakoshi...You two back off. Miyakoshi, come with me.
I'll bring you a snack later on!I'll bring snacks up for you later!
Make yourself at home!Make yourself at home!
Shut up.Save it.
I am a guest in your house, so how do you expect me to act towards your family?Your family are still customers who come to our restaurant.
Relax. I'm not gonna put on any act while you're teaching me.Relax. I'm not gonna act like that while you're teaching me.
Are you sure? All right then...Alright, I guess that's fine then.
This Miyakoshi puts me at ease?!Why is this the version of her I'm comfortable with!?
So exactly what don't you understand?So, what is it that's giving you trouble?
I don't know what I don't understand.Figuring out what I have trouble with.
Then why don't we start with English?Well then, why don't we start with English?
We should probably review basic adverbs and the definition of nouns,You should probably review basic adverbs and noun definitions,
but this time, let's work on the sentences here that use the infinitive and rote memorization of the predicates and vocabulary.but for now, let's start by practicing the infinitive and memorizing the predicates and vocabulary.
So we'll focus on this teaching unit...So let's focus on this unit first...
You know that was all in Japanese...Everything I just said was in Japanese.
That was Japanese?!That was Japanese!?
I think I can get by in life without knowing the "infinitive."But really, I don't think I'm going to need things like the "infinitive" to get by in life...
Right now you're having trouble because you don't know it.you need them to get by your exams.
I'm going to take over Mom's work, so I don't even need an academic background!I'm just going to inherit my mom's job, so what do I even need academics for!?
What does your mom do?What does your mom do?
You don't know? It's only local, but she's on TV.You've never heard of her? It's a local channel, but she's on TV.
Youko Miyakoshi, the cooking expert.She's the cooking expert, Miyakoshi Youko.
Love and peace!Love and peace!
Schoolwork is indispensable when it comes to searching for a line of work that truly suits you,Schoolwork is indispensable in every student's search for a career that is suited to their talents,
not one imposed upon you because of heredity.not one imposed upon them by heredity.
Never mind. Pipe down and study!Now quiet down and study!
So you're 20, too, huh, Saiki?Saiki, you're also twenty, huh?
Yes... R-Right.Yes. R-Right.
Then let's celebrate that coincidence by forming a 20-year-old alliance!We should form an alliance of twenty-year-olds!
It'll be me, you, Adachi, Mura and Kisaki!It'll be me, you, Adachi, Mura, and Kisaki!
I'm still 19.I'm still nineteen.
Okay with me.Close enough.
As usual, I don't know what you're going on about...It's always something weird with you.
All right! Then I'm gonna quit today!Alright! As of today, I quit!
I'll have hamburg steak.I'll have the hamburger steak.
Kouno! You're quitting all of a sudden?Kouno! Why would you quit so suddenly?
Is there something going on at home?Is something forcing you to?
Nope, not at all.Nope, not at all.
Then why would you quit?!Then why would you quit!?
It's interesting when the founder of an alliance is the first to quit, isn't it?Because it's hilarious when the founder of an alliance is the first to leave it!
Come back, Kouno.Come back, Kouno.
Think about it.Think about it.
If the founder of the alliance is the first to quit,What if the founder is not only the first to quit,
but then is the first one to come back part-time...but also the first one to come back?
It's interesting?!That'd be funny!
Y-Yeah. So come back.Y-Yeah. So come back.
I'll do it. I'll come back!I'll do it. I'll come back!
Dammit. Bad luck.Damn, it's this chick.
I don't want you.Go serve someone else.
Give us Hana or Shiho.Get Hana or Shiho to come over.
We're fans.We're fans.
Sir! Please calm down...Sir! Please calm down.
Yes, I'm fine.Yes, I'm fine.
You needn't be angry for my sake, although I appreciate it.I appreciate your concern, but you needn't get angry for my sake.
Excuse me. Please continue.Pardon me. Please continue.
Never mind.Uh... never mind.
That was a pain, huh, Mura?Sorry about those guys, Mura.
Oh, Kouno. You came back.Oh, Kouno. You came back.
Mura, this is the service industry so as a woman, you should learn how to put on a cordial smile.Mura, as a customer service rep and a woman, you should learn how to fake a smile.
Cut it out, Kouno!Cut it out, Kouno!
Good point.You're right.
Okay, Kouno, would you do something that puts your life in danger?Would you mind making an attempt on your life?
I may be able to muster a smile then.Then I might be able to crack a smile.
Apologize, Kouno.Apologize, Kouno.
I can smile if I want to, but for some reason,I can smile just fine, but for some reason,
people around me have a questionable reaction.people never seem to react well to it.
Don't worry about it.Don't worry about it.
You're a hard worker, Muranushi.You work hard enough, Muranushi.
Thank you, Adachi!Thank you, Adachi!
Adachi? What's wrong, Adachi?Adachi? What's wrong, Adachi?
Hey, Adachi!Hey, Adachi!
I guess that was a fail...I guess he wasn't any different.
You've got it rough, too.You sure have it rough.
I want her to go back to the old Shiho.I wish Shiho would go back to her old self.
She wasn't always like that?She wasn't always like that?
Of course not!Of course not!
A long time ago, she was quiet...She used to be more gentle and reserved.
The first time I met her...Back when I first met her...
It was when my old man went to Shiho's house to borrow money...It was when my old man went to Shiho's house to borrow money.
I was told to wait in the garden, but this is a forest.They said wait in the garden, but this is a forest.
Wh-Who are you?Wh-Who are you?
Um...I'm, uh...
Wanna eat some grass?Wanna eat some leaves?
I see. So you live here.I see. So you live here.
I'm the son of the guy who came over to borrow money.My dad came over to borrow money,
I'm eating your grass.so I'm here eating your grass.
So why are you crying?So why are you crying?
Nobody at kindergarten will be my friend,Nobody at kindergarden wanted to make friends with Shiho.
just because they say I'm rich!Because I'm rich, they said.
Mama died from a disease and Papa is always busy with work.Mama died from her sickness, and Papa is always working.
Shiho is all alone!Shiho is all alone!
There's a positive side to that.There's an upside to that.
Nothing good could ever come of making friends with people who judge others on whether they have money or not, starting in kindergarten.It's better to stay away from people who judge others by their wealth or poverty that early in life.
Th-That's too difficult for Shiho to understand.Sh-Shiho doesn't understand what that means.
Okay, the friend thing aside,Well, I can't help you make friends,
I'll bring it up with your papa casually.but maybe I could do something about your papa.
B-But Papa is busy working to make more money.B-But Papa is busy working to make more money.
At this rate, your papa is gonna have a major loss in the future.As things stand, your papa is gonna have a major loss in the future.
He's gonna lose a precious fortune.He's gonna lose his bond with his daughter.
The bond with his daughter.Something more valuable than any treasure.
Sheesh. Money causes nothing but trouble, whether you have it or not.Sheesh. Money causes nothing but trouble, whether you have it or not.
Well, that's what I'm told, anyway.Well, that's what I've heard, at least.
At home, my mom always gripes and shares her world view.My mom loves to tell me all about how she thinks the world should be.
Shiho doesn't understand difficult things like that.Shiho doesn't understand that either.
Your daughter seems lonely because you don't pay much attention to her,Your daughter is sad that you don't spend very much time with her,
so please play with her more.so please play with her more.
Thank you for the advice.Thank you for the advice.
That wasn't casual at all.Maybe that was too blunt.
Oh well, I am a kid.Oh well. I'm just a kid.
Thanks for the grass.Your grass hit the spot.
I pretty much cleaned out all the edible grass around here.There's pretty much no edible grass left around here.
Huh? Shiho. What are you doing here?Shiho? What are you doing here?
Although you do live nearby...Wait, you live close by.
Shiho wanted to thank you, Yuuta.Shiho wanted to thank you, Yuuta.
Ever since then, Papa's played with Shiho every day!Papa started playing with Shiho a lot after you came over.
That's good to hear.That's good to hear.
And he assigned me men in black to make sure nobody bullies me.He also made these men in suits follow me and protect me from bullies.
So you're giving up on making friends, huh?So you're giving up on making friends, huh?
Papa says that your family owes him a lot of money, Yuuta.Papa says that your family owes him a lot of money, Yuuta.
That's what I hear.That's what I hear.
If you and I get married, that debt could be wiped out.If you married me, I could have Papa forgive that debt.
No thanks.Nah.
I've always regretted that moment.I've always regretted saying that.
If I had been a little more mature...If only I had handled it more maturely.
If I'd let her down more gently...If only I'd let her down more gently!
So you did refuse then.So you'd still reject her.
After all...I had to!
It's been a long time, but why don't you apologize?Have you tried an utterly belated apology?
You might even see if you can take back dumping her.Or you could even make up for having dumped her the first place.
Take back?Make up for it?
A-are you telling me to marry her?!Y-You mean by marrying her!?
I wouldn't go that that far...That would probably be excessive,
but it might be to your benefit to give her a positive sign.but you could at least make her feel special.
Th-That's fraud!Th-That would be dishonest!
You are a male host.You're a male host.
Deceiving one or two women comes with the territory.Deceiving a few women comes with the territory.
There's no way you're getting an extension on this month's payment.I'm not getting you an extension on this month's payment.
No, th-that's not it.No, th-that's not it.
Um... Uh... Please m... ma...Um, uh... Please ma...
Mar... mar... mar...Ma... Ma... Ma... Ma...
Why does this guy come up blank unless it has something to do with marriage?Why is marriage the only thing he can think to mention?
Mark me up as much as you like.Maim me half to death.
No, not when you request it.It's no fun if you ask for it.
It's hopeless! I can't understand any of this!It's hopeless! I can't make heads or tails of this!
Okay, only one thing to do...Okay, time for a desperate measure.
Let's try to guess what's on the exams, so you can memorize only that stuff.We'll just hit on stuff that might show up on the exams.
That's a lot!Hit me!
Um, maybe this?Okay, memorize this part here.
Also, here, here and here...Also, this, this, and this.
Maybe this and this, too.Maybe this and this, too.
Here too, I think.Oh, this part too.
That's almost everything!You're hitting too much!
Life isn't that easy, you know.Life isn't that easy, you know.
I apologize for the intrusion.Thanks for having me over.
It was no bother at all!It was my pleasure!
Higashida, that jerk. He gave me homework!Higashida's so mean. He even gave me homework!
I'll get revenge on him someday!I'll get him back for that!
Hello there! Might you be the Miyakoshi my son has mentioned?Excuse me. Are you the Miyakoshi that works with my son?
Higashida's father...You're Higashida's father...
Thank you for letting me come over today!I... I have to go!
Daisuke! I've lost respect for you!Daisuke! What did you do to that poor girl!?
Oh, shut up!Oh, shut up!
Now that the testing period is over, please put me back on my usual shifts.The tests are over now, so you can put me on my usual shifts again.
I hope you did well on the tests.I hope you did well on the tests.
So you're back to the normal schedule?You're back to your usual shifts?
Now I can finally stop working.I can finally get back to slacking off.
That won't do, Kisaki.No, you can't, Kisaki.
Training Saiki has worn me out.I'm tired from training Saiki.
Has Saiki gotten used to the work?Has Saiki gotten the hang of the job?
Yeah. He's learned a little Japanese, too.Yeah. He's even learned a little Japanese.
Say something, Saiki.Show them, Saiki.
Where can I buy cigarettes and diapers?Where can I buy cigarettes and diapers?
He's getting better, right?He's getting better, right?
It's Adachi!It's Adachi!
He's so dazed from what happened the other day that he won't even snap at me!He's so dazed from the other day that he won't even tell me off!
If nobody snaps at me, there's no point in doing anything stupid!What's the point in goofing around if nobody will tell me off?!
Higashida, please snap at me!Higashida, please tell me off!
I can't do that.I can't do that.
Wh-Why not?!Wh-Why not!?
That's not my jurisdiction.That's not my job.
Jurisdiction?!It's a job!?
Higashida...Oh, Higashida.
Has something happened?Has something happened?
N-No, nothing special...N-No, not really.
But Kouno is crying. He says you've been acting weird.But Kouno just told me you've been acting weird. He was crying.
I-I've just been thinking about something...I-I've just had something on my mind.
I can't focus on my work these days...It's been hard to focus at work recently.
It is important to be engrossed in something,Being preoccupied isn't necessarily a bad thing,
but that should coexist with what else you need to do.but you need to keep it in balance.
With snapping at Kouno.With telling Kouno off.
Snapping at him?!Telling him off!?
I did it!Good news!
What is it?What is it?
Listen to this! Mom says I don't have to quit!Get this! My mom says I can keep working!
Then your grades...So you actually did well on your...
No, not that!No, not that!
Hana! Eat your breakfast and go to school!Hana! Hurry and eat so you can get to school!
You've got tests today, don't you?Don't you have tests today?
New York, California, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Washington, Texas...New York, California, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Washington, Texas...
I slept through the tests, so that was a disaster,I slept through the tests, so that part sucked,
but Mom said I can keep working!but Mom said I can keep my job!
What was all of my hard work for?What was the point of me helping you?
All right!All right!
I'm gonna work hard today, too!I'm gonna work hard today!
She's so cute.She's so cute.
My granddaughter is adorable.My granddaughter is adorable.
I love playing dress-up with her!She's cute no matter what she wears!
Hime, thank you for being born!Hime, thank you for being born!
And thank you for being born too, Ki!And thank you for being born too, Ki!
You're welcome.Don't mention it.
Next time, it'll be summer!Next time, it'll be summer!
In Hokkaido, winter vacation is long,In Hokkaido, winter break is long,
but summer vacation is short, right?but summer break is short, right?
Yes! It was so dissatisfying back in elementary school!Yeah! I hated that when I was grade school!
It's because summer itself is short in Hokkaido.Summer itself it short in Hokkaido.
Next time, "You're the Only One I Can Ask!"Next time, "You're the Only One I Can Ask!"
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