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1ANIPLEX1GJM (almost final)
3So how has living here been?3So, how are you finding life here?
4Oh, this is a wonderful House.4I love it! This is a most wonderful House!
5All the children are smart and well-behaved.5All of your children are so bright and well-behaved.
6I see. Lately you've been following instructions and being well-behaved as well.6That's great.
7Yes.7Lately you've been following your orders like a good girl.
8You try to get along with the children, and play tag with all your strength.8Y-Yes, ma'am.
9I was worried because you were a tomboy, but it looks like you're fine.9I saw you trying to break the ice with the kids and go all-out playing tag with them.
10You are insurance.10I was a bit concerned at first because of how wild you were, but it seems I have no need to worry.
11Insurance that I called for, just in case, to make sure the products are protected.11You are simply an insurance policy.
12So you don't need to know which one knows the secret,12One I called in just to make sure the produce is adequately protected—and nothing more.
13and just pretend to be obedient, work hard,13So there's no need for you to know which of the children know the secret.
14and laugh that you've grasped some sort of weakness over me.14You can simply pretend to be obedient, work hard,
15I wouldn't think of...15and cackle to yourself about how you have dirt on me.
16You have nothing else to do than be my pawn, right?16I wouldn't dream of it!
17If you behave...17Your only responsibility is to act as my pawn.
18I'll make sure that you become a Mom.18So keep being a good girl...
19I promise.19And I'll see to it that you become a Mother.
20You have my word.
20You're a smart girl.21You're a smart girl.
21Don't make any more mistakes from now on.22I expect you to stop making the wrong choices.
22That woman!23That bitch!
23Just you watch!24Just you watch!
24I'll drag you down!25I'll drag you off your high horse!
25And then...26And then...
26I will be Mom.27I will be Mother.
28Starting today, let's play tag in teams.29Let's play tag in teams from today.
29In teams?30In teams?
30At this rate, most of them would die if they escaped individually.31If we flee separately like now, most of us will die.
31Hey, Ray.32Hey! Ray!
32But everyone's movements aren't bad.33But they're making good progress.
33So we shouldn't break them up individually.34It should work out if they're not all separate.
34We'll make formations and run away in teams.35So we'll make formations and escape in teams.
35We'll play tag in a way that's similar to what the real escape would be like.36These games of tag will be much closer to the real thing.
36The real escape.37The real thing...
37And I have another idea.38Oh, I also have another idea.
38Let's tell Don and Gilda.39Let's get Don and Gilda in the loop.
39We'll explain the situation and have them lead the teams.40We'll explain everything and have them lead teams of their own.
40What if they're Mom's informant?41What if one of them is Mom's mole?
41No worries. Finding out who the informant is, and also winning them over.42No problem.
42I can do them simultaneously.43Discovering the mole, and bringing those two in...
43And I've already made arrangements.44Can be done simultaneously.
45I've already laid a trap, too.
45For now, I'll tell you 100 types of formation patterns, so memorize them.47To start out, I'll list out a hundred types of formations. Memorize them.
46You mean by ear?48By ear?
47You can't do it?49Can't do it?
48Easy peasy!50Easy peasy!
49I won't get caught this time!51I won't get caught this time!
50Good luck.52Good luck.
51Okay, try not to get caught for 10 minutes.53Okay, try not to get caught for ten minutes.
53Everyone, follow me!55Follow me, guys!
54Let's succeed and surprise Ray!56Let's surprise Ray by not getting caught.
55Let's do this!57Let's do this!
56That was fun!58That was fun!
57Phil, you were good at running away.59You're really good at gettin' away, Phil.
58This is really fun!60This is really fun!
59I want to be leader for the next one!61I wanna be captain this time!
60But let's take a break for a little bit.62But let's take a quick break first.
61It looks like playing tag in teams is going to work!63I think playin' tag in teams might actually work!
62What was Phil's score again?64What are Phil's scores like?
63Let's see.65I think he's...
64He's averaging about 203 lately.66averaging around 203 lately?
65That's high.67That's pretty high.
66He was one of the last ones remaining this time and also when we played tag with Sister.68He survived until close to the end both in the game against the Sister, and this one.
67{\an8}He's always looking for you and Norman with Sherry, too.69Plus he and Sherry are always looking for you two.
68Stop it! I don't want to suspect anyone after all!70Stop it!
69Idiot. Even if you don't want to, you need to be more suspicious! Thoroughly!71I don't wanna doubt my family!
70{\an8}This is life or death.72You have to, dumbass!
73Even if you don't want to, you need to be way more suspicious!
74This is a matter of life and death!
72Any progress on how to break the tracking devices?76Made any progress on how to destroy the transmitters?
73How long do you need until you're prepared?77How much longer do you think it'll take?
74Let's see.78Lemme see...
75Ten days.79About ten days?
76Then let's commence the plan ten days from now.80Then let's put the plan in motion ten days from now.
77We'll carry out the escape plan ten days from now, on November 8th.81We escape in ten days, on November 8th.
79Isn't it too soon? I mean, it's fine, but...83Isn't that too sudden?! I mean, it's okay, but...
80It's not fine!84No wait, it's not!
81It's been two weeks since Conny was shipped.85It's only been two weeks since Conny was shipped out!
82The shipment cycle is at least two months, so we should have about a month and a half.86The cycle is once every two months at the least,
83I thought the plan was to carefully prepare during that time!87so we should still have about a month and a half.
84Yeah. Just as you thought that way, Mom's controlling us to think that way, too.88Weren't we gonna use that time to plan our escape down to the last detail?
85So we need to outwit that.89Yeah.
86And if we fail from being too rushed? Then what?90Just as you thought that was the case, Mom's leading us to think the same way.
91We can take advantage of that to outwit her.
92And if we fail because we rushed things? Then what?
87Either way, we need to escape before winter comes.93Either way, we need to escape before winter comes.
88As soon as we break the tracking devices, let's execute our escape plan as quickly as possible.94We should set our plan in motion as soon as we're able to destroy the transmitters.
89That means we have to do what's necessary in the remaining ten days.95So we're gonna get everythin' ready in the time up 'till then?
90Let's talk to Don and Gilda tonight.96Yeah.
91Both of you, follow my lead.97Let's talk to Don an' Gilda tonight.
98You two, follow my lead.
92What did you want to talk about?99What did you want to talk about?
94Human trafficking?101Human trafficking?
95Yeah. All of our siblings have been sold off to bad people.102Yeah.
96There's no way! No way!103All of our family's been sold off to bad people.
97But the walls, the gate, and the siblings who left and never write us letters...104There's no way! Hell no!
98Oh come on, now.105But there's the wall and the gates, and the fact that we haven't gotten letters from the kids who left.
99So what's the punch line? What kind of prank is this?106Oh, come on!
100You're not saying it's true, are you?107So, what's the punchline?
108What kinda prank is this?
109You're not gonna say it's true, are you?
101It's true.110It's true.
102Wait. Then what about Mom?111Wait! What about Mom, then?
103She's the one...112She's the one...
104who's selling us to bad people.113who's sellin' us to the bad people.
105There's no way that kind Mom would do such a thing!114There's no way someone as kind as Mom would do something like that!
106Take it back, Emma!115Take it back, Emma!
108Emma loves this House and Mom.117You know how much Emma loved the House and Mom.
109So there's no way she would lie about that.118She'd never lie about this.
111And I did think it was weird.120Besides, I found it weird.
112The night Conny left...121The night Conny left...
113Emma and Norman went to the gate, and...122Emma and Norman went to the gate, and...
114You did?123You did?
115Even if you broke the rules,124Knowing them I thought they'd tell the truth and apologize for breaking the rules.
116both of you would usually apologize immediately, and everything would be back to normal.125But they never did.
117But you haven't done that.126Emma seemed so tense, and I just couldn't bring myself to ask.
118Emma, you've become so serious now.127Sorry! I'm so sorry, Gilda!
119So I couldn't ask about it.128I made you worry, didn't I?
120I'm sorry. I'm sorry, Gilda.129Did you see it happen, Emma?
121I made you worry.
122Did you see it, Emma?
123Conny being sold off...130Conny being sold off...
124to those bad people.131to those bad people?
126But we didn't make it in time.133But we couldn't save her in time.
127Conny is safe, right?134Conny is safe, right?
128I don't know.135We don't know.
129But how...136What the hell?!
130How could this even happen?137How could this even happen?
131I don't know if this proves anything,138I don't know if this proves anything,
132but these are our siblings' scores that I had Ray and Emma look into for the past few days.139but I had Ray and Emma look up recent test scores.
133Scores?140Test scores?
134The ones who left are over six years old and adopted in the order of lowest scores first.141The ones who left were sent to "foster homes" once they hit six in ascending order of scores.
135Isn't that weird?142Isn't that weird?
136True, Conny's scores are...143True, Conny's scores are...
137And Hao and Sadie...144And Hao's, and Sadie's...
138You're right, Norman.145It's just like Norman said.
139Don. Gilda.146Don. Gilda.
140Let's escape from here and go help Conny and the others.147Let's get out of here an' go save Conny an' the others!
141Let's all run away from here, together!148Let's all run away from here together!
142Please help us.149Help us. Please.
143Hey, Norman.150Hey, Norman!
144Is this about the shipment?151Is this about the shipment?
145What do you mean you "don't know"?152"We don't know," my ass!
146You should have said they died!153You should have told them they died!
147That was the best way to smoothly get them to help us.154That was the best way to get them on our side without any trouble.
148If they weren't the spies after all...155And if neither of them is the spy?
149then this kind of lie is too cruel.156Lying to them about this is too cruel.
150"They're alive"? Don't give them hope that doesn't exist.157Don't give them hope about them being alive when you know it's not true!
151How and when are you going to tell them the truth?158When and how will you tell them the truth?
152Can you tell them?159Can you, even?!
153I'll cross that bridge when I get there.160We'll cross that bridge when we come to it.
154We're still assuming they might be the spies, too. So I'm going to lay a trap.161We can't discount the possibility that they're spies, so we'll set a trap.
155A trap?162A trap?
156I'll tell both of them where the rope is hidden.163I'll tell both of them where we've hidden the rope.
157I'll tell Don it's under my bed.164I'll tell Don it's under my bed.
158To Gilda, I'll tell her it's in the ceiling of the second floor bathroom.165And I'll tell Gilda that it's in the ceiling of the second floor bathroom.
159Who will make a move? How will Mom find out? We can trace it from there.166Depending on who does what and what Mom learns, we'll find the mole.
160And the ropes? If they weren't the spies, and there's nothing there, it'll get complicated.167What about the rope?
161I have something else for that, too.168If they're both clean, it'll mess things up if the rope isn't where we say it is.
162So you're completely prepared, huh?169I have that covered as well.
163I told you.170You really do think of everything, don't you?
164We have to outwit her.171Didn't I tell you?
165Come back here!172We have to outwit them.
166It's been a while since we talked like this.173Get back here!
167It's weird, right? Even though we're together every day.174It feels like it's been a while since we've talked like this.
168And we'll be together from now on, too, right?175Isn't that weird? We're together every day.
169Yeah.176And we'll always be together, right?
170I see.178I see.
171The rope is hidden in Norman's bed.179So the rope is hidden in Norman's bed.
172I've been waiting for you, Gilda.180I've been expecting you.
173Now, please talk to me, Gilda.181Tell me everything, Gilda.
174About that issue, right?182About that one thing?
175There isn't anything I'm worried about.183I don't have anything on my mind!
176I appreciate that you frequently checked on me out of concern.184But thank you for showing concern and talking to me so much!
177That's right, I'm worried.185That's right! I'm worried about you!
178But I'm okay now.186But I'm okay now.
179So you can leave me alone.187So don't mind me.
180Please excuse me.188Please excuse me.
181I see. Emma told you everything, then?189I see.
182Gilda, so you know about everything now, don't you?190Emma told you everything, then?
183Darn, it's too bad, Gilda.191Gilda! You've learned the whole truth, haven't you?!
184I thought we could become friends.192What a shame, Gilda!
185So who else knows?193I thought we could be friends!
186Norman. Ray. And?194So, who else knows?
187I'll let only you go, so why don't we join hands?195Norman? Ray? Who else?
196I'll make sure you're not punished, so let's play nice, shall we?
188Please stop!197Please stop!
189I don't know what you're talking about!198I don't know what you're talking about!
190I just had a fight with Emma. But we made up, so everything's okay now!199I had a fight with Emma,
191I see. So it was my misunderstanding. I apologize.200but we've made up now, so I'm fine!
192If you think Emma has lied to you, come back to me.201I see. I guess I was mistaken. My apologies.
193I'll see you later, Gilda.202If you ever feel Emma lied to you, come see me again.
194Emma.203See you, Gilda.
196I'm not giving up.206I'm not giving up!
197If I can't get Gilda...207If Gilda won't do it, then...
198The great Thoma has arrived!208The Great Thoma joins the fray!
199I wonder if it's okay?209Is everything gonna be okay?
200Let's go. Mom's watching.210Let's go.
201According to what Emma told me, Gilda is innocent.211Mom's watching.
202Hey, Ray. I wonder why traitors betray others.212From what Emma said, Gilda is clear.
203Maybe it's because there must be some merit in doing so.213Say, Ray.
204For example, they can be spared from being shipped out and can become an adult.214Why do moles do what they do?
205A guarantee to live, huh?215Because there's something in it for them, right?
206I see, so this was training for running away.216For example, maybe they avoid being shipped out and can grow up to be an adult.
207One, two...217Guaranteed safety, huh?
218I get it now.
219This was training for the escape.
210Can I talk to you?224Can I talk to you?
211I'd like to hear your opinion.225I want to know what you think.
212What if there's someone who is willingly being an agent of the demons,226What if there's a kid who's willingly doing the demons’ bidding
213and that by spying on us, they are guaranteed to continue living...227because they can guarantee their safety by doing so?
214You mean, in exchange for spying on us, they won't get shipped out and can live?228You mean by spyin', they can avoid gettin' shipped out an' live?
215Would you leave that person behind? Or take them with us?229Exactly.
216I'd take them with us.230Would you leave them behind or take them with us?
217Even if that person didn't want that?231I'd take them.
218Yeah. I'd force them to come with us.232Even if they don't want to come?
219Because if we escape, that person's life might not be guaranteed anymore.233Yeah. I'd make 'em.
220Also, I want to believe, after all.234I mean, if we manage to escape, who knows if they're still gonna be kept safe?
221The incident with Gilda made me realize that.235Besides...
222Ray told me to suspect everyone, but even if there's a traitor who is a demon's agent,236I wanna believe in everyone.
223no one within our siblings is a bad person.237The thing with Gilda made me want to believe even more.
224We're family that grew up together.238Ray said to suspect everyone, but even if there's a mole who's tryin' to sell us out to the demons,
225Even if that person gets in the way, betrays us, or says I'm naïve,239I don't think they're actually a bad person.
226I want to believe in that person!240We're family! We grew up together!
227Of course you would say that, Emma.241Even if they mess up the plan, betray me, or call me naïve,
228So?242I still wanna believe in them!
229Nothing.243Of course you'd say that, Emma.
245It's gone.
231Then it's confirmed that it's Don.247Then it's gotta be Don.
232Yeah.248So you say.
233So you're the traitor, Ray.249But we both know the real traitor is you, Ray.
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