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Don't drop the pressure!Don't let the pressure drop!
If we stop, it's all over!We stop, we die!
Yes, sir.Yes, sir!
Make the announcement.Make the announcement.
Yes, sir.Roger.
We're passing through the abandoned station.We're passing through the abandoned station.
Please brace for impact.All hands, brace for impact.
Damn it!Damn it!
Get out of here!
Stay back!Stay back!
What you need to survive....Stay the fuck back!
It's not some tool that will keep you hidden and safe.To survive, what you need...
It's power to fight the Kabane without fear.is not some tool that will \Nkeep you safely hidden away.
It's the power to fight the Corpses without fear.
Are you okay?Are you okay!?
I owe you.I owe you one.
Oh, my God.Your hand!
Twenty years ago,Twenty years ago,
fear of the Kabane drove the people of Hinomoto to take shelter in stations.the people of Hinomoto sought refuge from the Corpses behind the walls of stations.
They abandoned their pride and fellow manCasting aside both friends and dignity alike,
and fled.they fled for their lives.
Use it.Use it.
Use the suicide bag!Use the suicide bag!
Hurry up!Hurry up!
Show us what you're made of!Show us your resolve!
Don't be a disgrace!Don't be a disgrace!
What are you doing?What are you doing!?
Pull it already!Pull it already!
Can we really be proud of our survival that's predicated on sacrificing our own?Can we truly be proud of a life built upon the sacrifices of others?
Their lives aren't all we lose.We lose so much more than just their lives.
That's why,That's why...
Damn it!Damn it!
I want the power to defeat the Kabane.I want the power to slay Corpses.
I'm so close!I'm so close!
You're awake.You're awake.
The bushi held them off.The Knights held them off.
You can go back to sleep.You can go back to sleep.
For now.For now.
Did another station get overrun?Did another station get overrun?
Hey, did you hear.Hey, did you hear?
They said the supplies are late.They said the supplies are late.
I guess the front line fell back again.I heard the front line retreated again.
How long is this place going to last?How long do you think this dump'll last?
Hey, don't say that!Hey, cut it out!
What if a bushi heard you?What if a Knight heard you?
Hey there, hero!Hey there, hero!
Running late?Bit late, eh?
Watch your calculation.Your hair's still lookin' a mess.
What? No way...
Careful with your calculations.
Plate 3 needs more adhesive.Plate 3 needs more adhesive.
How did yesterday go?How'd it go yesterday?
No good.No good.
It should have plenty of pressure, but...The pressure should've been enough, but...
What's wrong with using normal lead shots again?Remind me what's wrong with using normal lead shots again?
Because then it'd be the same as the bushi's steam guns.Because that'd be no different to the Knights' steam guns.
It'll just get repelled by the Kabane's heart cage.They'll just bounce straight off the Corpse's heartcage.
That's why we need jet bullets.That's why we need jet bullets.
We need more penetrating power.We need more penetrating power.
And you're going to use that to fight the Kabane instead of the bushi?And you're gonna use that to fight the Corpses in the Knights' stead?
You're freaking insane.You must've hit your head on something.
Did you up the explosives?Did you up the explosives?
Come on, because you just increased the cavity in the last tune-up?Come on, you just increased the cavity size in the last tune-up, remember?
That's it, Takumi!That's it, Takumi!
Why did I skip a step?Why did I skip a step?
Where are you going?Where are you going?
I'm going home to start over.I'm going home and redoing it.
Hey,Hey, hey,
at least finish your work here first.at least finish your work here first.
Hey, it's Ayame-sama.Hey, it's Lady Ayame.
From the Yomokawa family?From the Yomokawa family?
I like to check everything myself.I'd like to personally inspect it all.
Ayame-sama.What a pleasant surprise, Lady Ayame.
How can we help you?How could we possibly help you?
It's my father's steam gun.This is my father's steam gun.
It's having some problems, so I was hoping someone could take a look.There appears to be a problem with it, \Nso I was hoping someone might take a look.
We would be happy to.Of course, we would be glad to.
Ayame-sama.The good Lady Ayame.
She is beautiful.At least she's easy on the eyes.
She is the bushi princess.She's the princess of the Knights.
Come here and help Ayame-sama.Come here and assist Lady Ayame!
Here's your chance, hero.It's your calling, hero!
Allow me to take that.Allow me.
Do you want to become a hero?So, you wish to become a hero?
I just don't like having to run away.I just hate running away.
Ayame-sama,Lady Ayame,
where will you be pointing this?where will you be pointing this?
The west gate is opening!The west gate is opening!
The Kotetsujyo is coming!The Iron Fortress is coming!
The Kotetsujyo should be coming tomorrow.Was the Iron Fortress not \Nscheduled to arrive tomorrow?
Let's go.Let us go.
The Kotetsujyo?The Iron Fortress?
The Husoujyo is supposed to come tonight.But the Fusang Fortress is also coming tonight.
Two Hayajiros in one day?Two railforts in one day?
wasn't the Kotetsujyo supposed to arrive tomorrow?was the Iron Fortress not supposed to arrive tomorrow?
Hayatani Station has been lost.Hayatani Station has fallen.
With less stops to make, it makes sense it would arrive earlier.With fewer stops to make, \Nan earlier arrival is only natural.
Get the inspection box!Get the inspection box!
I wonder if anyone's been bitten.You think some unlucky guy got bitten?
That's what they're about to find out.That's what they're about to find out.
They serach for bite marks to determine if they've been infected by a Kabane.They'll search for bite marks to see if anyone's been infected by a Corpse.
If they find one, they throw them in jail.If they find one, they'll throw them in jail.
It's what the authorities always do.It's what the authorities always do.
Well, yeah, can you blame them?Yeah, well, can you blame them?
They could be incubating the infection.They could be incubating the infection.
All right, start the maintenance!All right, begin maintenance!
Look.Hey, look.
Just the carotid artery is thicker.It's just the cartoid artery that's thicker.
So the virus really does pass through here.So the virus really does pass through here.
It's rare to find this good of a specimen.You don't come across \Nspecimens of this quality often.
You're breaking the rules!That's taboo!
We know that this isn't some curse.This isn't some curse.
What?You and I both know that!
Some kid of a bigwig?Who's that?
What is it?Some kinda bigwig?
Nothing.What's wrong?
Uh, nothing.
Hey, kid!Hey, kid!
The exit is the other way.The exit is over on the other side.
Even children have to go through inspection.Children aren't exempt from the inspection!
Only a fool would judge a book by its cover.Only a fool would judge a book by its cover.
It's what my brother always told me, Mr. Mustache.That's what my brother always told me, Mr. Mustache.
What did you say?!Wh-What did you call me!?
Leave it.Leave it.
She is my guest.She is my guest.
My lord!M-Milord!
Are you the boss here?Are you the boss here?
I am Kensho, head of the Yomokawa family.I am Kenshou, head of the Yomokawa family.
Lord Yomokawa, thank you for your hospitality.Lord Yomokawa, thank you for your hospitality.
Shimon-sama, I presume.Priest Shimon, I presume.
I have read your letter.I have read your letter.
We would like to take you to our mansion first.We would like to take you to our mansion first.
They're not going to be inspected?They're not going to be inspected?
What is going on?What the hell's going on?
Who are they?Who are they?
No idea.Dunno.
It's a Kabane!It's a Corpse!
He's been bitten!He has an injury!
Don't let him get away!Don't let him get away!
A Kabane?A Corpse?
Stop right there!Stop right there!
No! I'm not a Kabane!No! I'm not a Corpse!
Kill him!Kill him!
Surround and kill him!Surround and kill him!
I swear, I'm not one of them!I swear, I'm not one of them!
Please help me!Please help me!
Stop!Stop it!
Who the hell are you?!Who the hell are you, kid!?
He's saying he's not a Kabane!He's saying he's not a Corpse!
Like we can trust him!Like hell we can trust him!
Stop, you coward!Stop, you coward!
Those suspected of being a KabaneThose suspected of being a Corpse
are to be locked up for three days and kept under watch.are to be locked up for three days and kept under watch.
You're the ones who made the rule!You're the ones who made that rule!
Shut up!Shut your damn mouth!
This matter doesn't concern a lowly steam smith!This matter doesn't concern a lowly steam-smith!
I'm trying to tell you that you're pointing your guns at the wrong targets!I'm trying to tell you that you're pointing your guns at the wrong targets!
Father.Father, please!
Kabane hearts!Corpse hearts!
Why does he have them?Why does he have them?
Answer me!Answer me!
Why do you have something like that?!Why do you have something like that!?
He's getting away!He's getting away!
He died...He died...
Which means...Which means...
He wasn't a Kabane?He wasn't a Corpse?
Aren't you embarrassed to be so afraid of everything?Aren't you ashamed to be scared of every damn thing?
For losing your sanity.You're madmen!
Those are some lofty words.How lofty your words are.
A privilege afforded to you because of the guaranteed safety the bushi provide.A privilege you enjoy only because the very earth you step on is under the Knights' tireless guard.
No!You're wrong!
I will fight too!I'll fight too!
Yes, sir.Yes, sir.
I'm close to finishing the steam gun!I'm close to finishing my Piercing Ca—
Throw him in jail.Throw him in jail.
Hey may be a Kabane.He may be a Corpse.
Let's go.Let us go.
defending order is also a bushi's duty.maintaining order, too, is a Knight's duty.
I see.I see.
You're both headed to Kongokaku?You're both headed to Kongoukaku?
And the Lord Shogun?With the Lord Shogun?
No, not at this time.No, not at this time.
That is why the two of us are going alone.That is why the two of us are going alone.
It's June.June, huh?
Almost time, brother.It's almost time, Brother.
I knew it!I knew it!
It's the corpse gatherer.You're the body gatherer!
Is that your name?Is that really your name?
Nice, isn't it?Isn't it nice?
My brother gave it to me.My brother gave it to me.
Hey, did you know that the guy from before wasn't a Kabane?Hey, did you know that the guy from before wasn't a Corpse?
No, but I couldn't just ignore it.No, but I couldn't just ignore what was happening.
Normally, you would.Any normal person would, though.
Then there's something wrong with being normal.Then there's something wrong with being normal.
You're interesting.You're an interesting one!
What do you mean?What do you mean?
I mean, it's normal to be scared of the Kabane, right?I mean, it's normal to be scared of Corpses, right?
People are generally frightened cowards. There's nothing they can do about that.People are just frightened cowards in general.
They can't help it.
Yes, they can.Yes, they can.
They have no choice but kill others out of fear?We have no choice but kill others out of fear?
That's unthinkable to me.I can't accept that.
You cannot lose your humanity to fear.We cannot lose our humanity to fear.
Ikoma's a freaking dumbass, getting all worked up like that.Ikoma's a freaking dumbass, \Ngetting all worked up like that.
What a self-righteous idiot.What a self-righteous idiot.
But...But you know...
it's something I couldn't do even if I tried.I couldn't do something like that if I tried.
Talking back to a bushi like that.Talking back to a Knight like that.
That's what makes him stupid!That's exactly why he's an idiot!
It's here! It's the Husoujyo.The Fusang Fortress is here!
It's right on time this time.It's right on schedule this time.
It's going too fast!It's going too fast!
Slow down!Slow down!
Damn it! Raise the bridge!Damn it! Raise the bridge!
Hurry up!Hurry up!
It's too late.It won't make it in time!
What happened?!What's happening!?
It's the Kabane!It's the Corpses!
Out of the way!Out of the way!
It's the Kabane!It's the Corpses!
That's the bell.Is that... the alarm?
Don't tell me...!Don't tell me...
The Kabane are here?!The Corpses are here!?
I have to go.I have to go.
I need to get my piercing gun!I need to get my Piercing Cannon!
Hurry up!Quickly, dear!
I'm taking these too.I'm taking these too.
Mumei, they've broken through the west gate.No-name,
they've broken through the west gate.
This whole place is lost.This whole place is lost.
We're going to the Kotetsujyo.We're going to the Iron Fortress.
Father, where are you going?Father, where are you going?
To the Kotetsujyo.To the Iron Fortress.
Wait, you're not...?Surely you're not...
Are you abandoning this station?You would abandon this station?
I will give the signal when the Kotetsujyo has been secured.I will give the signal when the \NIron Fortress has been secured.
Come when you see it.When you see it, come.
The Kabane react to blood.The Corpses react to blood.
Damn it, that hurts.Fuck, it hurts like hell!
Stop! Take off your clothes immediately!Hold it! Take off your clothes immediately!
Are you kidding me?! The Kabane are coming!You fuckin' kidding me!? The Corpses are coming!
Prove that you don't have any marks on your body!Prove that you don't have any marks on your body!
What's going to happen to us?What's going to happen to us?
Where's Ikoma?!Where's Ikoma?
He took the bait!He took the bait!
I won't fail this time!I won't fail this time!
I've increased the explosives this time!I've increased the explosive load!
I did it!I did it!
My piercing gun bore right through its heart!My Piercing Cannon punched straight through its heart!
My gun!This thing!
I did this!That I made!
I see it.I see it.
It's the Kotetsujyo.It's the Iron Fortress.
Mumei.Lady No-name.
You will have to continue on alone.You must continue on your journey alone.
Go to Kongokaku and await the Young Master's orders.Go to Kongoukaku and await the Young Master's orders.
I leave the rest in your hands.I leave the rest in your hands.
May karma smile upon you.May fortune smile upon you in the next life.
It's not a curse.It's not a curse.
I just need to make sure the virus doesn't reach my brain!I just need to make sure the virus doesn't reach my brain!
Five years...Five years...
It's been five years.It's been five long years.
All the work I put inGiving blood, sweat and tears...
to finally be able to fight the Kabane...to finally be able to fight the Corpses.
I'm not the same as I was then.I'm...
I will never...no longer the person I was back then.
I will never run again!I will never, ever...
Ever run again!
This time...This time...
I will become someone I can be proud of.I will become a person I can be proud of!
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