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So, what did I do? So? What did I do to you?
Osculated. We went to first base, so to speak.
Osculate? Huh? First base? Whaaat?
I did not. Are you just making this up?
Why would I do something that sounds like what a samurai would do? For what purpose? I mean, do I look like a sports freak?
How would I know? {\i1}You're{\fsp4\i0} {\fsp0}the one who did it, not me. Why would I do that?
Osculate, huh? Did I? How would I know why?
No, I don't think I did... You're the one who started the whole thing, not me.
I don't know. Uh, how did I do it? First base, huh... Did I...
Reenact it for me a little. No, I can't have...
You'll end up regretting it. Hrrrrmm, I dunno.
Come on! You're making fun of me again, aren't you?! Uh, how exactly did I do it?
I know what "osculate" means! Can you maybe recreate this for me?
Like that, right? Look, you're going to regret this.
Really, even I know {\i1}that{\fsp4\i0} {\fsp0}much, you know! Aaargggh! You're making a fool of me again, aren't you?!
I've seen it on television. I know what friggin' first base is!
No, Michiru, that's not what— Bunt, slide! Saaafe! All that, right?
Be quiet! I mean, come on, that stuff is on TV all the time!
Look, you shouldn't call out tiny mistakes like that! Of course I know what it means!
It's fine as long as I've got the basic idea! I don't think you do, Michiru. Look, it's a metap—
I got it about 80% right, didn't I? {\an8}Silence!
And what if you didn't even get 1%? Why do you always have to pick at my tiny little mistakes, anyway?
N-No way I was that far off! I'm in the right ballpark, aren't I?
Go on, try me! That's good enough!
I'll see just what I got wrong. No ballparks were involved. You're not even in the right time zone.
That means you're telling me to osculate with you, right? But... T-That can't be right!
It's fine, it's fine! C'mon, show me what you're talking about.
Okay, I'm ready! I'll be the judge of this!
Go on, just try that "osculate" thing or whatever you say I did to you! You want me to show you "first base"? Like we did the other day?
All right. I'll reenact it, then. I really don't...
Go on. Yeah, yeah! It's fine!
H-Hey! Why are you getting so close? You have my authorization!
I have no choice, haven't I? Otherwise I can't "osculate" with you. Just do it! Show me this "first base" I allegedly made you visit!
Huh? Oh, you're right! All right then. If you insist, I'll give you a little demonstration.
That's what osculating is after all. Hrm, indeed. Yes, let's see this demonstration of yours!
So, what did I do? H-Hey, hold on a second, aren't you a little close? Aren't we going to first base?
You did {\i1}this{\fsp4\i0} {\fsp0}to me. We can't do that from a distance, you know.
Stop it! Now's not a good time! That's sort of how it works.
Huh? Aah, yeah, totally!
That's how first base works, after all!
Okay, so what did I do?
Stop it! Now's not the time!
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